Falls Church Preschool and Daycare

A Classical Preschool Education

“What the child can do in cooperation today he can do alone tomorrow” -Lev Vygotsky


If you are energetic, hard working, good with kids, speak English and either Russian or French, and have a legal work permit, we invite you to send your experience and credentials to us.  To work as an assistant, you do not have to have any particular experience or degree.  However, to work as a teacher, you do need to have a suitable combination of experience and education as required by state standards.  If you send your credentials, we will help assess whether you qualify as a teacher or an assistant.  Assistants have a career path that includes the possibility to be promoted to teacher once they have built up suitable experience working at our preschool and have completed some coursework.  Send your resume or credentials to: Elena@FallsChurchPreschool.com